We specialize in post production services for all film

Our potter’s house offers all in-house post production services inclusive of technology solutions that any film project may demand; by post producing film adverts, fiction films, series and documentaries to branded content, music videos, photography to creative-filmmaking problems that need solving from pre-production, production to post production. Comprising multiple-award-winning creative gangs with diverse experience in different post disciplines, you can be sure that we mean business.


We bring your idea to life

Post production

Our post consultancy features international projects across the world and major distribution channels.
Our duty ensures that the picture supervision matches the market deliverables. From budget to execution.

Film Editing

Our team comprises award winning post experts who specialises in all film genre forms both short and long formats. Films, series, animation, music videos.

Mastering & Mixing

We offer post film sound mixing and mastering in 5.1, 7.1 Dolby as well as virtue reality sound delivery

Sound Design

We have been recognized for being the best sound design team with both our designers and project being recognized for their relentless effort that has earned them various accolades across the industry.

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