Bananasoverdose – I am who I am

Bananasoverdose – I am who I am

I wrote this song when George Floyd was killed in 2020. I figured it’s beyond Black Lives Matter because so much is wrong with this world and it wasn’t only black lives that were at risk but all lives because we’re in the midst of a spiritual war. Staying sane is the hardest thing to do but praying and staying intentional with every step you take will make the journey more enjoyable

Executive producers: Bananasoverdose & Umazi the Kreator

Manny Mungai

Brian Mike

Creative Director: Umazi The Kreator
Director: J. Kuria
Assistant Director: Violet K.
Camera Operator: Riccardo Warunge & Pat Patow
Gaffer: Hype Wily international
MUA: Jamie Kimani
Styling: @ade_thecrew, @kafaya_thecrew, Maimuna Salim
Set Design and Props: Maimuna
Choreography- Wiggly dancers – Mike Brian & Beckham
Production Manager: Ireri Murugi
Editor: Monicah Mugo
Ass. Editor: @patpatow
Sound Design: Skrian
Titling: Bananasoverdose
Post production Supervisor: J. Kuria
Still photography: Fide Kibue
Studio Space: Film Brand Africa
Production company: Traib films

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